Super proud of one of the Collingwood Youth Centre’s stars.  Arianna McCullough or better known around the CYC as “Squeak” was awarded a Youth Achievement Award from the Collingwood Optimist Club.  Squeak has been attending the CYC from almost day one and one of the regulars who are always eager to participate in our programs.  Squeak is also the driving force behind the CYC No Judge Club, a weekly program that recognizes, embraces, and celebrates our differences.

Every year, the Collingwood Optimist Club likes to recognize students from Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Town of the Blue Mountains and Clearview Township who have been involved in their school, church, community club or sports team. The students are chosen by teachers for showing commitment to community service and leadership ability.

It’s all about celebrating the youth and all they do in the community they live in.

Congratulations Squeak!