Taking care of our mental health is really important for how we feel and live our lives. It’s about our emotions, thoughts, actions, and how we connect with others.

Did you know that 1 out of 5 young people in Canada face challenges with their mental health?

Jack Silverman, who plays for the Collingwood Blues, knows first hand how therapy can help but also how pricey it can be. That’s why he’s working hard to support the Collingwood Youth Centre’s Head Strong Initiative. It’s a program that provides free therapy to young people in Collingwood and surrounding areas who need it.

Jack says, “When I heard about the amazing work the Head Strong team is doing, I knew I wanted to help.”

You can make a difference too! By donating below, you can help provide free therapy from trained professionals to local youth in Collingwood and surrounding areas. Your support can really change lives.

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